Design Development Deployment Diagnosis

of your IoT edge nodes.

Deploy software using block diagrams. Automatically deliver
production-ready C-code. Wireless deployment.
Currently supports RaspberryPi with wireless
options including Lora, Sigfox, Zigbee and BLE.

Why 3TwoOne?

Your IoT Productivity Platform

Easy to use

A web-based IDE with graphical interface for drag-and-drop of prefabricated code library blocks to construct your IoT application. We are in beta and want your feedback to help us improve.

Improve productivity

We bring gold-standard Model Driven Engineering to your IoT application, streamlining development, maintenance, documentation & code re-use.

Production-ready code

Our robust compiler automatically generates efficient, production-ready, C-code.

Our Partners

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3TwoOne & You

Our Features | Your Benefits

Web based IDE

Drag, drop and connect on our graphical canvas to quickly develop your application.

Model driven engineering

Handle complex, distributed, applications.

Automatic CodeGen

Directly generate production-ready, error‐free code.

Remote deployment & diagnosis

Over-the-air software updates are ideal for geographically-spread IoT applications.

Easy access

Remote access for updates.

Improve productivity

Fast design & debug. Remote deployment. Self‐documenting. Easy code re‐use.

Error free

Our robust compiler automatically generates efficient, production‐ready, C‐code.

Reduce on-site support

Remote access & deployment.

Our Vision

This is how we see the future IoT developer experience

“3TwoOne empowers you to quickly develop IoT solutions. Leaving you with more time for product validation.”

- Sidharata Andalam, CEO

“Our Model Driven Engineering approach allows you to significantly improve productivity via automatic code generation and deployment.”

- Matthew Kuo, CTO

“Sigfox and LoRa are the future of IoT communication in Australasia. 3TwoOne can get you there now.”

- Jin Woo Ro, Wireless Engineer


What you can achieve

Smart Home

Sensors to control temperature, detect the precense of intruders or an unlocked door. Peace of mind when you are on a holiday.

Oceans Resource Monitoring

With low-power long-range wireless technologies such as Lora and Sigfox, you can deploy autonomous boats to evaluate water quality.


Real-time monitoring of assets and enhance workers safety as they move between construction sites. Manage resources to efficiently meet your deadlines.

Health Care

Internet-connected medical devices such as temperature monitors, electrocardiograms and blood glucose level readers allows efficient tracking of health information paving the way for cost-effective healtcare.


With low-power long-range wireless technologies such as Lora and Sigfox, you can optimise the use of resources to maximise your yields.


Real-time data to monitor mine conditions, improve safety of miners, track assets and apply predictive maintainance to reduce operational costs.

Get Started

Here is what you need to build your IoT application


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